How it Works

1.) Select a Treatment

To start with, you can browse through our catalogue of treatment options, see the ‘all treatments‘ page — where you can filter through all our ranges till you find something you believe is suitable.

2.) Online Consultation

This only applies to treatments marked with either ‘P’ or ‘POM’.

For some treatments, you will be asked to complete a health consultation form, so that our medical team can determine the suitability of a particular treatment for you — the form usually only takes two minutes to complete.

3.) Purchase the Treatment

After you have *filled the necessary health consultation form, you can add treatments to your cart, by clicking the ‘add to cart‘ button that appears underneath a completed and approved health consultation form.

*Please note: GSL medications do not require a health consultation.

4.) Select Delivery Option

Finally, during your purchase you will be asked to select from a variety of delivery options — from next day delivery, 24 hour tracked to 2nd class via Royal Mail and more.

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