Glycerin / Glycerol Suppositories 2g | Children Constipation | x12 Suppositories


  • Helps to stimulate bowel movements ✔️
  • move the stools along and makes passing them out of the body much easier✔️

Please always read the patient information leaflet & the full descripton below.


What is this medicine used for:

    • Helps to stimulate bowel movements to move the stools along and makes passing them out of the body much easier.
    • The active ingredients, glycerin acts as a lubricant and mild irritant to help stimulate the muscles of the intestine, causing it to contract for easier bowel movements.

How to Use:

    • Children over 1 years: One suppository moistened with water should be inserted into the rectum (back passage).
    • These suppositories must not be taken orally.
    • If you are still constipated after 3 days of treatment, you should consult your doctor.
    • Do not insert more than one suppository at a time.
    • If you or a child accidentally swallow a suppository or insert too many, you should talk to your doctor.

Extra information & Storage:

    • Do not use the suppositories after the expiry date shown on the product packaging.
    • Keep the suppositories stored in a cool place, and in the original packaging.
    • Keep them in a secure place where children cannot get at them.


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